Modern dairy farm

Excellent care of cows & quality day-fresh milk

Thanks to a love of farming, coupled with the incredible dedication of all involved, Kaamps Estate has become what it is today: a modern dairy farm where everything revolves around the quality of the milk and caring for the cows. Farmers Herbert & Yvonne work hard every day and strive for sustainable practices on the estate.

How it all started...

The history of Kaamps dates back to when farmer Herbert’s parents took over the Kaamps farm in the little village of Deurningen (Overijssel) from an aunt and uncle. At that time (1920), this aunt Mieke was a maid for the Kamphuis (Kaamps) brothers. Two brothers passed away and only Hendrik Kamphuis (71 years of age) remained on the farm with maid Mieke (31 years of age). Mieke returned home one day after a chat with neighbouring farmer Deterd and told Hendrik she had just received a marriage proposal. Hendrik was alarmed and said: ‘but then you may as well marry me!’. And so they decided to marry!

In 1963, Herbert’s mother Bertha inherited the farm. The farm has thus existed for generations, but was originally a mixed business with cattle, pigs and chickens. In 1985, the dairy farm was expanded with a cheese-making facility and the Kaamps country estate was established.

Estate Kaamps today

The beautiful Kaamps Estate now focuses on cows and the production of high quality milk. Together with a number of employees, the Nijland family (father, mother, 2 sons, 2 daughters) work day and night to take care of the livestock, activities on the farm, and the production of cheese.


Animal welfare is very important to the Nijland family. That is why the cows at Kaamps Estate are so-called free range cows. Weather permitting, the cows always go outdoors early in the morning when the barn doors are opened. During the day, the cows themselves decide whether to stay outdoors and graze in the field, or go into the barn.


The cows enjoy every comfort in the barns. There are fans for the warm summer months, massage brushes for a nice massage, and cow waterbeds on the ground to protect their legs. There is sufficient space for them to walk through the barn freely and a robot travels around the barn all day long to keep it clean.

‘‘If we take good care of the cows, the cows take good care of us’ (Herbert Nijland).