Boer'n Trots

Craftsmanship …. From Twente

Boer’n Trots is a superb range of cheeses washed in caramel or honey. Each one is artisanally produced at Kaamps Estate. You can find more information about the origin, preparation, range and delicious Boer’n Trots recipes on this page.

Origin & region

Kaamps Estate is situated in the little village of Deurningen in the heart of Twente. This is where the Boer’n Trots cheeses are made. Herbert, the farmer, strives for the most sustainable practices on the estate. The care of his cows is a very important aspect of this. Cows need good food to produce the best milk. Herbert plants extra clover in the fields. This means less fertiliser is required, which is better for the cows and the environment. It also produces creamier fats in the milk and even smoother cheese. The cows themselves decide whether they want to go out and when to be milked. Is it too cold or warm outside, no problem for our cows! They have waterbeds and massage brushes at their disposal! If you look after the cows, the cows look after you, according to Herbert. You can taste this in the milk and the cheeses. Boer’n Trots is the farmer’s pride! Craftsmanship... from Twente.

Production & ripening

Cheese has been produced on the almost 100-year old farm since 1985. Herbert uses day-fresh milk from his own cows to produce cheese. Once the cheeses have been produced, they are washed in caramel or honey several times. This produces the beautiful colour of the rind and the characteristic, somewhat sweet taste that is unique to Herbert’s cheeses.


Introducing our Boer’n Trots Specials!

Boer’n Trots Maple Syrup Whiskey

A unique speciality from Landgoed Kaamps! During preparation, the cheese curd is washed in Maple Syrup Whiskey; whiskey that contains maple syrup. Washing the cheese in this whiskey gives it a somewhat woody character with a sweet undertone. Complete your cheese board with this exceptional cheese.

Boer’n Trots X.O. 

Boer’n Trots X.O. was a revelation for us too. We discovered by chance that Boer’n Trots cheese is delicious if left to ripen longer. This crumbly cheese is ripened for at least 80 weeks and thus forms beautiful protein crystals. The taste is particularly rich and creamy.

Range Superb selection of Honey cheeses
Boer'n Trots cow Honey

This strong, rich cheese is delightfully creamy and after being ripened for around 20 weeks, is sharp and full flavoured. This cheese has a sweet undertone because it is washed in honey. That is the taste of Boer’n Trots cow Honey.

Boer'n Trots goat Honey

This goat’s cheese is so creamy, it melts in your mouth. The cheese acquires its full, mild flavour after around 20 weeks of ripening. Because the cheese is washed in honey and honey is also added to the curd during preparation, it has a slightly sweet taste.

Boer'n Trots goat Honey with Truffle

Delicious goat’s cheese with Italian black truffle and honey, a genuine delicacy! The cheese is ripened for at least 18 weeks and has a full, creamy and slightly sweet taste.

Boer'n Trots Clover Piquant

A unique, pungent cheese with a rind washed in caramel and a unique print. Farmer Herbert plants extra clover in the Estate Kaamps fields, where the cows can graze to their heart’s content. Production of clover feed is good for the environment, because less fertiliser is required as a result.

Boer'n Trots cow Piquant

The special starter culture, the rind washed in caramel and the extended ripening process give this cheese a sharp and somewhat sweet taste.

Excellent selection of caramelised cheese
Boer'n Trots Mushroom & Chestnut

This is Estate Kaamps’ latest acquisition. The addition of coarse pieces of mushroom, cep, Slippery Jack, chestnuts and chives gives this cheese a unique taste.

Boer'n Trots Pumpkinseed & carrots

Pumpkin seeds are packed with healthy minerals. This speciality herb cheese from Estate Kaamps has a slightly nutty taste

Boer’n Trots goat Honey with thyme

Honey and thyme are added during preparation. This gives the goat’s cheese a delicious aromatic, slightly sweet taste. The thyme and cornflower topping gives the cheese a unique appearance.

Boer'n Trots Chili

The sharp taste is what makes this speciality herb cheese so special. The rind washed in caramel gives the cheese a hint of sweetness, which, in combination with the chili, creates a taste sensation.

Boer'n Trots goat Fenugreek

A delicious speciality cheese with a nutty taste and a sweet undertone. After preparation, this goat’s cheese is washed in caramel, which gives the cheese a slightly sweet taste.

Boer'n Trots Green Pesto

A unique speciality herb cheese from farmer Herbert. Green pesto with a hint of garlic and basil produces a tangy taste with a sweet undertone thanks to the caramel treatment.

Boer'n Trots 4-seasonal peppers

This cheese is adorned with pepper in three colours. The cheese has a pleasant tangy taste with a hint of sweetness thanks to the caramel treatment and the special starter culture.